Asheville Adventure Rentals

Asheville Adventure Rentals

This review is more about the place of business than a particular product.

I went to Asheville Adventure Rentals the other day to check the place out and get some help for a future kayak and a dry top.  Well through a series of unfortunate events, I ended up arriving at the store about 15 minutes before closing.  As I was turning into the parking lot I noticed the building was dark and I thought I was out of luck. Thankfully the timing was perfect and one of the guys that works there was pulling out just as I was pulling, turned around, and opened up the shop for me!  He showed me around and immediately helped me out with the dry top I was looking for. They had a few in their consignment rack. The stuff on the consignment rack was in pretty good condition.  The dry top I ended up leaving with is an older used NRS Triton dry top and the sucker is perfect! All broken in and the gaskets are in pretty good shape.

He also helped me out by explaining exactly how kayaks were sized. I had a slight idea but wasn’t very sure. He also pulled a few of their used kayaks for me to look at. One of them was a Pyranha Nano 2012. Not gonna lie, I got really excited sitting in that boat.  I was thinking of the ways I could afford this thing.  He explained why he thought it would be a good boat for me and he was very respectful and friendly. I would recommend that if you are ever in the Asheville area and need whitewater or disc golf equipment go check them out!!

Chacos are a Guide’s Choice in Footwear

Chacos are the ultimate outdoors sandal.  Not only are they comfortable but also durable. I personally wear mine all year long (yes in in the winter) and I’m tough on them. But some how my first pair managed to last me three years!  Of course they are also the go to shoe for guides. Check out this video Chaco posted on their Facebook page about raft guides on the Chattooga river:

Astral’s Seawolf PFD


Astral has definitely scored when they made this PFD, with  the adjustable torso length option and the amount of freedom the wearer has to maneuver about. It’s also good for either gender because of its adjust-ability in the chest and waist.  Plus, I find the front pocket extremely handy to hold anything I need for a trip down the river, from granola bars for a quick break between trips, to your customers insulin lifeline! Although, I have to intertwine the two zippers on the front pocket so it doesn’t fall open in the middle of the river or when I have to do a self rescue. The additional side pockets work well for a place to keep my knife. The easy knife access on the front doesn’t work well for a raft guide because knifes are very prone to getting lost from that position when you fall out and it makes the PFD too bulky when I have to do a self rescue. Also, the fleece hand-warmer is great when it’s dry, but once it gets wet I find it slightly counter productive.   All in all I recommend this product to anyone, whether raft guide or kayaker, for a light weight and useful PFD.

If you want to get one for yourself checkout Astral’s site: