The Chattooga


The Chattooga River has been classified as a wild and scenic river since 1974. The section that most people know about because of it’s incredible rafting can be found in South Carolina and consists of class 3 and 4+ rapids. This last summer (summer 2013)  a few people from my company took the day off and rafted the Chattooga. They said it was incredible until you get to the 2 mile lake paddle to the take out at the end. Granted, they could have paid someone to tow them back but they were too cheap in the beginning to do so. They regretted that decision after their hardcore paddle down the  river. They said the rapids were insane and they all had bruised down their shins from locking in so hard. I mean I would have done the same thing cause I wouldn’t want to fall out of the raft in a class 4 or 5 rapid.  I want to raft his river so bad, because I have never been on a wild n’ scenic river. All the rivers I have ever been on have been damn controlled.  To raft this river would be an amazing experience and I can’t wait until the one day where I might even be able to guide it!