The Nolichucky


The Nolichucky River consist of class 3 and 4 rapids and is about an 8 mile long trip. This river has it’s most thrilling rapids in the very beginning mile and a half:  Last Chance (3+), On the Rocks (3+), Jaws (3), and Quarter Mile (4). After this the river is mainly mellower class 3’s. The Nolichucky is also a free flowing river and therefore is only raftable if the weather permits it. This river is runable at 500 cfs but is super scrappy and probably wouldn’t be the most enjoyable run. Normal flow is around 1500-2000 cfs.

I am definitely putting this sucker on my to do list. Either I will do a few fun runs or I will guide this sucker!

The Pigeon River

upperpigeonriver (1)

I have rafted the Pigeon before with a camp I use to work for, but I have never guided it. I want to guide this river because it is the river that caused me to fall in love with rafting. It inspired me to become a guide on the Nantahala and now I want to experience it again but as a guide. It has been many years since I rafted it and I can’t even remember the company I went down with, but hopefully this up coming summer I can get to that river. 🙂 The Pigeon is divided into two raftable parts: the upper and the lower. The upper Pigeon consists of class 3 and 4 rapids and is definitely a sick ride (from what I can remember). While the lower is more scenic and consists mainly of class 1 and 2 much like my old friend the Nanny (Nantahala for all you unfamiliar with that river).

Guiding Dream: The Ocoee

Middle Ocoee Rafting Line. Some sick Rapid man!

Middle Ocoee Rafting Line. Some sick Rapid man!

Hopefully one day I will be able to guide on the middle Ocoee River!  The middle Ocoee is a class IV river and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete at normal flow. Normal flow is approximately 1250 cfs (cubic feet per second) but, I can personally say that 3000 cfs makes for a wicked ride. I have rafted this river before but never personally guided down it.