The Gauley River


I heard about this bad boy the other day from my Aunt. She’s old school river material and she was telling me about her BA adventures as a guide back in the day, which included her trips down the Gauley in a bucket boat!!! I am now inspired to adventure down the Gauley one day.  Of course I will definitely have more whitewater experience under my belt and in a self bailing raft!

The Gauley river is about a 28 mile trip, consists of over 100 rapids and drops 668 ft within the 28 miles. It has two sections that are rafted, the upper and lower Gauley. Both of these sections are high intensity runs and have earned a rather impressive reputation. The upper Gauley section consists of class 3-5 rapids and requires previous rafting experience and the participates to be in decent physical shape.  The lower section is much easier to navigate comparitively to the upper. Mainly consisting of class 3 and 4 rapids, the lower section is still a rocking ride and the common age limit is 15-16 years old.   Generally you can raft both section within a two day trip.