The Top Dog River Town

So I recently found out that held a few polls for some of the best types of mountain towns. Like best beer town, best outdoors city, best town off the AT, best canoeing, best day hiking, and, of course, the best river town.  The end result of these polls showed the Fayetteville, West Virginia is thought to be one of the best river towns in the Blue Ridge! This definitely has me interested and to be honest I never heard of the place till this news. Now I feel like a visit is well deserved! Although I am proud to know that Asheville, NC was one of the runner ups! It’s awesome to see your home town recognized for something  you love and especially for a community you love!

Check out the speel on Fayetteville here:



Grandfather: Crown of the Blue Ridge

Okay guys, this movie is epic! I went to the showing at the Highland Brewing Co. on October 31st with a friend who isn’t the overly outdoorsy type. She and I were both in awe of the skill of the kayakers after the movie.  It definitely made me want to learn how to kayak even more than I already did! Plus, my friend is now wanting to become more involved with river sports.  Check out this trailer so you can get a small taste of the gnarly water they experienced!


Hey guys! I heard about this story from a co-worker. He saw it on Good Morning America and I thought it was worth sharing.

Three comments I have from watching this clip:

  • Good example of why you don’t Kayak alone.
  • Scout your river and know why line is the correct line (the guy who got stuck took a different line than the others. You see where he ended up).
  • Also, if you don’t want your wife to know about your near death experience, don’t take video footage of it!