September 13, 2014

Well there’s nothing really special about today. Its just another event-less Saturday that will be filled with friends, homework, and all around laziness. So different to my Saturdays during the summer. I am getting serious whitewater withdrawal. I wish I could go kayaking because I just want to get back on the river. At least i might be able to go to Gauley Fest next weekend. My first time and I have high hopes of how much fun it will be. I just have to find a new group to go down the river with since, the people I was originally gonna go down with are now going to some kayaking thing in MD. Although oddly enough, even if I don’t get to go down the river, I think it would still be a blast to go. All the vendors, music, and people just scream new experiences and adventure.
along with my adventure planning I have been practicing my roll again. Thankfully App State has a huge outdoors program which means they have a really good roll clinic. All the instructors that I have met there have been super nice, very knowledgeable able their specific role and the do a great job showing you step by step of how to accomplish your roll. I have vastly improved from my first roll clinic at App. I am so close to getting my roll. Literally all the instructor has to do is stretch my paddle back and up like an inch and a half and then I can roll back up. (Btw I am working on a C2C roll, sweep roll is slightly beyond my comprehension at this point) I think my problem is that I am not the flexible enough to get to that paddle position on my own. So for the next week I am going to be stretching out my sides and shoulders in hopes of being to nail that roll next week on Wednesday. Cause once I know I can get it, I will work on getting it very consistently in the pool and hopefully take it to the river and begin working on my combat roll. Duh Duh Duh Duh…..
Another good thing about the roll clinic at App State is the consistent supply of boats. They have a very large fleet of Wavesport EZGs ranging from 42 gal. to 60 gal. that they use mainly for the clinics in order to maintain a descent amount of free space in the pool. They also have a lot of Liquid Logic Remixes ranging from 59 gal. to 79 gal. The instructors have been gracious enough to let me use one of the Remix 69s. I would rather be learning in this boat than the EZG because this is what I will most likely be paddling on the river. That or a Pyranha Shiva but the school doesn’t have any of those. The Remix is a ton of fun and super fast, love the edges, and it is definitely teaching me a lot of balance and how to obtain a separate lower body movement verse upper body movement.

Well that pretty much sums up where I am at the moment. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Also I threw up some more pictures from my summerr on my blog!! check out the photo gallery and look at my work at class 3 Nantahala Falls!

Peace Ya’ll 🙂

Crazy Change is coming!!

me and the mountaineer!

My new Mascot

December 10, 2013

The past week has been so hectic and so amazing at the same time!  I am finally done with my third semester at Montreat and I am on my way to moving on. I got my official acceptance to Appalachian State and I am beyond stoked!!! I love going to new places and experiencing new things and App is definitely going to do that for me.  There are so many differences between it and Montreat. For one it’s a state school, HUGE (at least compared to tiny Montreat), has an actual art building (unlike Montreat’s art room), and it has football!!!!!  I feel like App is going to be a much better fit for me.

Although, I will definitely miss Montreat. Not gonna lie, it was really bittersweet and weird to turn in my withdrawal form earlier. I will miss my friends and the experiences I have had. Montreat is a very special place and it was the place I needed to be when I was there.  Being there showed me all the opportunity I had, what I wanted to do in my future, how to stick with stuff even when it sucks, and it helped me meet some incredible people!

Now i get to take the next semester off and work on some stuff I have been meaning to do. I also have to find a job…

Yay Job Hunt.....

Yay Job Hunt…..

I guess that’s all part of growing up and joining the real world, huh? I also have to finish all my applications for this summer. Granted my mother is less than thrilled about me being on the river again.  I guess the whole big water, big danger thing makes her super nervous. I wish she could understand how much more I have to learn and how big water is part of that. But, hey she’s my mom and looking out for me is her job and it’s a big one at that! Hahahaha

Not only do I have to get hired for some bigger water I need to get in big water shape. These next three and a half months i am going to be working out with my friend Megan. She’s gonna teach me how to rock climb and ride a bike. Yes, I am 19 and do not know how to ride a bike, weird I know. while she is doing that, I am going to teach her how to swim. We are going to beat our bodies into sexy submission! We joke about how we are gonna have such crazy chest muscle we that we can move our boobs like guys can move their pecks! ;D

I will be posting my raft guide specific workout later on this month!!