TiTs Deep

December 4, 2013

So, I just found this awesome group on Facebook known as TiTs Deep.  They are a group of women who are rockin’ their extreme sports!   All of these women embrace who they are and push themselves to the limit so that they can soar to new heights doing what they love. This group is all about inspiring other women, of every background and situation, to pursue extreme sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, and downhill mountain biking.  They are huge supporters of community for women everywhere.  The TiTS Deep merchandise sales are used to support the female action sport community. If you are interested in supporting this awesome cause check out their website: titsdeep.org.

I find this extremely inspiring because rafting is still slightly a male dominated job environment, especially on bigger rivers. To see other women having as much fun and rocking the whitewater scene I want to, just makes me want to keep pushing myself.  If I could get half as good as these chicks in this video, I’d be thrilled!

Definitely go and check out the rest of this video series on Vimeo. Totally worth your time. 🙂